A bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. An individual’s bedroom is where they shed all their stress and find comfort in privacy. We spend a major part of our life about half a day in our bedrooms – sleeping, snuggling, reading, lounging – and it really should be a heaven.

Bedrooms were becoming private spaces that are not just about beds and wardrobes. Arriving home from a long day of work, we seek comfort to replenish our tired bodies for the next day.

A beautiful home calls for an even more beautiful bedroom – A place where peace lingers with the warmth and love of the family. The bedroom is a place where you share intimate moments and make lovely memories.

Keeping a bedroom minimal, designer, modern or rustically traditional depends on the owner’s choice

“Bedroom – like a sanctuary where the worries of the day melt into the sea – on the bed of logs & the high mattress. Bed room as a cocoon, from where we reborn each day as a colorful – Butter fly”.